WPA Awards 2016 - the showcase for wood protection excellence

WPA Awards 2016

- 6 Awards to be won

- Presentation dinner 6 April, Breadsall Priory hotel, Derby

- Sponsored by Arch Timber Protection for a second year

We are delighted to announce the launch of the 2016 Awards for excellence in wood protection to showcase the wood protection industry and the important role it plays in helping designers make the most of wood.

As designers turn increasingly to wood as the sustainable, eco-friendly material of choice it is vital that treatments that add durability performance or fire protection are correctly specified and supplied. In this respect, the producers and suppliers of pre-treated and modified wood products have a key, front line role to play in ensuring treatments are correctly specified and for supplying wood products that will deliver the performance required. The reputation of wood and growth in demand for wood protection technology depends on it. The WPA Awards are designed to recognise excellence in quality, marketing or customer support and the most effective use of wood protection technology in the construction of a project.

There are 6 Awards to be won and the closing date for entries is 15 March. Nomination Forms are on the Members area of our web site http://bit.ly/1QdYmnK or by e-mailing caroline@wood-protection.org

 The WPA Awards 2016

  1. Treated Wood Trader of the Year (single site organisation)
  2. Treated Wood Trader of the Year (mult-site organization)
  3. Preservative Treated Wood Project of the Year
  4. Fire Retardant Treatment Project of the Year
  5. Modified Wood Project of the Year
  6. Award for Quality Excellence

Treated Wood Traders of the Year 

This Award is to recognise excellence in treated wood marketing and customer service. Entries will be accepted from businesses that produce preservative treated wood supplied to customers directly, through on-line services or through stockists in the supply chain. There is one Award for multi-site organisations and one for single site businesses.

Entries for this award should focus on what differentiates the business from other suppliers of treated wood and on the marketing communications and/or customer services support that helps customers specify, buy and use treated wood correctly.

Project of the year Awards

There are three ‘project of the year’ categories;

  1. preservative treated wood;
  2. fire retardant treated materials and
  3. modified wood.

In each category we are looking for projects that demonstrate excellence in the use of wood and the wood protection products and processes that give the wood/wood panel materials involved the enhanced durability and long term performance properties required for the project.

Projects may be a whole building, part of a building exterior or interior, an outdoor timber engineering structure or a landscaping scheme.

Nominations should include the name and location of the project, the date of completion, the architect’s name and the details of the species and wood protection technology used.

Award for Quality Excellence

To be eligible for this Award you must be a business producing or processing wood and panel products in accordance with one of the three quality schemes operated by the WPA – i.e. WPA Benchmark scheme for treated wood finished products or the WPA Benchmark FR and FR Build schemes for flame retardant processes. Your business is nominated for this Award by the assessor who carries out your scheme compliance audits and will be based on a review of consistency of performance and speed of response to any non-conformance or advisory improvements recommended. Your auditor will contact you to make you aware that you are being nominated for this Award.

Call for entries:

Entries should be made on the Nomination Form specific to each award category – these are available on the Members area of the WPA website or on request from Caroline Hewison (caroline@wood-protection.org)

Nominations should be sent for the attention of Steve Young at the address below or by e-mail to steve@wood-protection.org

The closing date for entries is 15 March 2015


Send completed Nomination forms to:

Wood Protection Association

5c Flemming Court


West Yorkshire

WF10 5HW

Posted at 3:45 pm on January 25th, 2016